How To Create a B2B Website Design

Glenn Madden
7 min readMar 23, 2022

B2B Challenge

You as the website designer actually have to consider all 3 actions in play, B2B2B. There really is no B2B in the real world. Someone is always the customer. Creating a website design for B2B can be very difficult because everyone always thinks they are at the top of the food chain. But you as the website designer have to keep in focus who that customer is. Your customer, their customer, or their customer’s customer.

  • Create a presentation that sells your design
  • Connect with your customer
  • Create a design that sells to your customers, customer

The cascade effect of working with another business comes into play. B2B buyers take longer to purchase decisions. A single PO will need to be reviewed and approved by multiple stakeholders, from manufacturing to finance and even operations. The complex nature of B2B sales puts enormous pressure on the B2B side. It needs to look and feel like a B2C website while meeting the specific requirements of B2B buyers.

Well, that sounds like a typical mission scenario impossible for a website design marketer. However, there is a promising solution that could change the situation. You can start by optimizing your B2B site to improve conversions, which in turn will maximize your sales. So why is it so important to invest time and resources into creating a B2B website design?

Because your website is the gateway to the information buyers are looking for before making a decision. In fact, 27% of B2B buyers do an independent online search before finalizing their purchase. Properly designing your website can help increase traffic and conversions, which can ultimately lead to more sales. So how do you create a winning design? Here are six tips on how to improve your website design to attract more customers to your website:

1. Give B2B buyers a reason to stay on the site.

B2B buyers browse websites with serious intentions. If the site doesn’t provide them with the information they’re looking for or doesn’t bring them closer to finding the product their team needs, they quickly close the tab and move on to other alternatives. This makes it imperative to give B2B buyers a reason to stay on…

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